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Jo Malone Cologne Intense

There are four new fragrances in the new Cologne Intense range by Jo Malone, created by perfumer Christine Nagel. The Cologne Intense range will be available from July.
Amber & Patchouli Cologne Intense When used in fragrance layering Amber & Patchouli adds a spicy woody accent. One of the notes is white amber, which is chemically synthesized from clary sage. The patchouli note creates a woody balsamic element with earthy undertones. The final note is guaiac wood which is also woody, balsamic and tea-like.
Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense The bergamot fruit grows on a small evergreen tree. The oil found in the skin of the bergamot fruit is used in perfume for a sweet, citrus scent with a soft floral accent. Cedarwood is used to balance the smoky nature of oud, which generates a caramelized woody accord.
Rose Water & Vanilla Cologne Intense Light and delicate rose water is teamed with neroli and petitgrain. Rose Loukoum represents turkish delight for a sweet gourmand element. The base of vanilla, patchouli and musk give this cologne a sophisticated dry down.
Iris & White Musk Cologne Intense The iris note comes from an orris concentrate, the most expensive ingredient in perfumery, and is floral, powdery and woody. Violet is combined with the iris to provide a crisp, green, sugary accent. The musk base amplifies the top notes of the perfume.

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Jo Malone Cologne Intense + Rose Water and Vanilla Cologne Intense