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Atelier Cologne [Cologne Absolue]

Some lovely samples from Atelier Cologne arrived this morning. Really looking forward to trying them, particularly Orange Sanguine. Atelier Cologne sets the scene for each fragrance with these little vignettes:
Orange Sanguine

It was the kind of moment you would want to revisit. Everyone was here, gathered on the terrace for breakfast, and the scent of fresh oranges was diffusing in the yellow heat. A symphony of their laughter and waves hitting the cliffs played in the air.

Trefle Pur

He had a good feeling about it. That's the thing about luck, you feel it or you don't. This moment, he felt it. He found the morning's rain had left everything looking greener and a bit sharper, like he was seeing it all for the first time, and he headed off with a spring in his step.

Oolang Infini

His breath fogged the window while he watched new snow fall upon the frozen lake. He came here to catch up on his writing and escape the city. At that moment, the fireplace crackled, ice settled in his glass and his thoughts made their way back to the ink.

Grand Neroli

The windows were thrown open to let in the afternoon sun, along with a breeze of orange blossoms. She secured fresh flowers into her hair and her eyes sparkled with excitement and anticipation. She had been a whirl of precise motion in her final prepartion and took pause to dream about the moment to come.

Bois Blonds

They spoke in whispers, breathing at the pace of the wind. The sun streamed through the trees in long rays of gold. Suddenly, the sky became the muted colours of twilight, it felt like hours had passed in a moment or that time had stopped altogether.

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Atelier Cologne [Cologne Absolue] + review