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I Spy... Tiffany Blue

When were colors named and who named them? Perhaps as new dyes were discovered and invented, these talented alchemists were given the privilege to bequeath such names to each new hue... This is just a notion... but I can't but notice the impact certain objects, even companies, have on colors. In the color spectrum where variations of aqua and turquoise begin to blend and become close neighbors, we find the color robin's egg blue. Yes, many times objects get the privilege of becoming the name of a color: jet black, statue gray; fire engine red; mustard yellow; these are natural occurances. No one tells a person to do this. However, what kind of influence must a company have to impact the very way we as a society describe the color robin's egg blue? A company with exemplary marketing and extraordinary products... Tiffany & Co. As I was putting this post together, I found an interesting article by Alkemie about this very subject.

With further research I found that this famous shade of blue made its début in 1845. Charles Lewis Tiffany made the Tiffany Blue Box a gift only to a Tiffany & Co. customers. One of his rules was to"never allow a box bearing the name of the firm to be taken out of the building except with an article which has been sold by them... "
And one can see why...

The famous and coveted shade of blue~ Tiffany Blue

a few objects wearing this gorgeous color

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Image #1 via Mimi Loves???;Image #2 via Alkemie ; Collage by à la parisienne (Image #1 in collage via Alkemie {Basset Road} , Images #2 & #3 in collage by à la parisienne

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