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A Gift Wrapped Life-Enter the World of Beautiful Gift Giving

Sande works her magic on a Hermes box by adorning it with tangerine and expresso brown ribbons

It's true-the world has become smaller thanks to the blogosphere. How else would I have possibly ever met Sande at A Gift Wrapped Life? How else would I have been able to become an apprentice of her trade? How else would such a talented decorator and business owner from another country ever find a connection with me, a former high school teacher?

Yes, blogging has opened the door to many friendships that otherwise would have never been created or even conceived.

Although Sande and I have never met in person, I call her a friend.
We keep up with each other through our blogs and email-She asks about Amelia;
I ask her about her website. We share each other's images on our posts. We even post over similar things without even realizing it from time to time.

Sande, I wish you all of the best in your newest business venture!

A Gift Wrapped Life rejuvenates two Kate Spade boxes

In a matter of days, Sande will be launching a new line of goodies- Gift wrap!!!
This new line of merchandise in her online boutique will be notably called the
Wrap Room.
For all of you paper collectors, ribbon lovers, and gift wrap amateurs,
Sande's new Wrap Room is sure to make you giddy!

Here are some of my favorite papers that she will be offering:

By following Sande's gift wrap tips and by using some of her top of the line gift wrap accessories, perhaps we too can give our loved ones some of the most beautifully packaged gifts as those pictured below.

I just love the simplicity and classic style of these two gifts. These are two samples of gift wrap for the special men in our lives.

Gray, pink, and white...
I would decorate a room by this box... or even use this box as a decoration... Seriously.

What a romantic package- Aqua and champagne ribbon topped with cream paper roses.
So perfectly beautiful.

Sande is doing a marvelous giveaway as the launching of her new website approaches.
Click here to enter!

If you have never visited A Gift Wrapped Life, then you must take the first flight there!

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