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Rachel Zoe, Azzedine Alaia & remembering that famous people are real

I recently put this fabulous Alaia dress up for sale in the shop and when doing research on it came across this photo of Rachel Zoe in a dress from the same collection — the only difference between the two versions is in the cut of the top. Rachel is not a girl you typically associate with Azzedine Alaia. Her pin thin frame does not immediately conjure up the curvy girl stereotype you normally think about when you picture a girl wearing Alaia. She makes it work and a blonde always looks great in black, but I miss her older more flamboyant and colorful style. Forget the current nod to black Rachel — go back to color!
Rachel is all over the news this week. There are reports and rumours everywhere that her clothing line is being pulled from some of the major stores or its presence reduced. Cameron Diaz is said to have left her stable of styling clients. It must suck to be Rachel this week with all that out there. Having any kind of negative perception about yourself on any level is hard to deal with but to have it splashed over every blog and news outlet out there and your detractors gleefully pouncing on it must be a tough go. For some reason some people love love love to hate hate hate Rachel and I can never figure out why.
I have a bit of a soft spot for Rachel. She has sourced and worn vintage from me and is honestly a super sweet and genuine person. You send her an email and you get a reply back in minutes. She is funny, polite and never plays the diva and even as her star has risen that has never changed. Her husband and partner, Roger is the same. You may or may not know this but a year or so back I was being courted to do a vintage reality show, that ultimately I decided against doing. I like my life and it just did not feel right at that time to allow that kind of invasion into it. The fun and fame of it was certainly attractive but you also put yourself out there for ridicule, judgement and backlash. Ultimately I just said why even go there for either end of that spectrum? Anyway, in the midst of the filmings and potential contract negotiations Roger took the time out of his day one afternoon, to talk to my and My Guy for almost 2 full hours and let us know some of the practicalities, legalities, pitfalls and of course the wonderful side, in deciding to put your life on TV. Who does that for someone you have not yet officially met in person? A really super guy that's who! We are forever grateful for that conversation. Honestly sometimes I watch Rachel's life during weeks like this one where all the media has such a negative slant and can't help but think — there but for the grace... ...
So yeah she is maybe getting some bad press right now but having had a glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes I just want to remind you that everything you read is most likely only partly true and that the real story behind any of it is something you will most likely never hear. People change direction, shit happens and you just deal with it, adapt and move forward. Rachel worked her ass off to get to where she is and I am certain she is not fading into oblivion anytime soon. I know a lot of stylists and let me tell you — to go from schlepping clothes around for your local city's small town media and begging local boutiques for clothes, to getting to where Rachel has gotten to, is a hell of a lot of hard work and sacrifice for years and years and years. She is not just a brand but a girl who has paid her dues. Ease up on the judgement calls and try to remember famous people are real people too.
Have a fabulous and kind, vintage filled day!xxxcherie

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