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Wearing Vintage [Giovanna Battaglia in Vintage Yves Saint Laurent!]

I love how fresh and modern Giovanna Battaglia has made one of the most iconic vintage YSL piece out there look. And I love her even more because she wore it publicly out at least twice.
We live in a day and age where fashion editors are the new IT girls and have their own niche "paparazzi"... .aka street style photographers... .. and this has spurned these girls to plot their outfits out with dedication and commitment... to never be seen in the same thing twice... ..
But not Giovanna, no, she dares to actually value her HTF vintage and wear it out with aplomb and just use her brilliant, and hard earned, styling knowledge to change it up so each look is fresh and original. Some girls just "get" it and are not just an "it" girl.
Bravo Giavanna, bravo... Veruschka would approve I am sure!

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